Bedwetter Pant

Our washable Bedwetter Pants are a pull-up style super absorbent pant for older children that need night time protection!

The absorbent inner is made from our white cotton terry and the outer is made from our polyester PUL cover fabric.


  • 625 ml (21 oz) absorbency – no boosters needed!
  • Natural cotton inner
  • Waterproof PUL outer
  • Easy pull up & down
  • Fully washable!

Our Bedwetter Pant is a bulkier fitting product as it has so much absorbency added. Rest assured, your child will wake up to dry sheets in the morning!


Our Bedwetter Pant is available in 3 sizes:

XSmall (30-40 lbs)

Measures: 15-21″ around the waist + 10-13″ around the leg

Small (40-55 lbs)

Measures: 16-23″ around the waist + 12-16″ around the leg

Medium (55-65 lbs)

Measures: 19-26″ around the waist + 13-17″ around the leg

Our Bedwetter Pant is currently available in the following colours + prints:

Mother-ease-Bedwetter-Pants-Dino 1025px
Mother-ease-Bedwetter-Pants-Dream 1025px