Absorbent Nappy Boosters

Designed to boost absorbency for children 6+ months at night or nap time.

Wizard Absorbent Booster


The soft Wizard Absorbent Boosters provide excellent additional absorbency to any cloth nappy!

These synthetic fabric microfibre boosters offer the maximum amount of absorbency and can be laid inside our Wizard Uno and Wizard Duo cloth nappies for naps and night time.

Made from the highest quality microfibre, these absorbent boosters offer the most absorbency without any of the traditional drawbacks of microfibre.

These liners can be placed either directly against your baby’s skin or between the absorbent nappy and cover.

Dries quickly and now available in packages of 3!


Small: absorbs 185 ml and measures 5 x 11″

Large: absorbs 225 ml and measures 5 x 14″

Sandy’s™ Absorbent Liner


The Soft Sandy’s™ Absorbent Liners provide excellent additional absorbency to any cloth nappy!

These super absorbent liners simply lay inside the Sandy’s™, Toddle-ease™ and Wizard Duo nappies to provide extra absorbency for naps and night time.

Available in each of our fabric options including: White and Unbleached Cotton Terry, Bamboo Terry, 100% Organic Cotton and our Stay Dry sewn on top of the Unbleached Cotton Terry.


Small: absorbs 175 ml and measures 5 x 12″

Large: absorbs 200 ml and measures 5.5 x 14″

Snap In™ Absorbent Liner


The Snap In™ Absorbent Liner provides excellent additional absorbency inside your One Size™ fitted nappy!

Made from three layers of absorbency, sewn together and snap inside our One Size™ fitted nappies to provide extra absorbency for night and nap time.

Our Snap In™ Absorbent Liners are available in all of our fabric options:

  • Unbleached & White Cotton Terry – providing a durable fabric option that is quick to absorb
  • Bamboo Terry – a velvety soft and absorbent fabric
  • 100% Organic Cotton – made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton – no polyester added
  • Stay Dry on Cotton – our famous Stay Dry fabric (100% polyester) sewn on top of our Unbleached Cotton to provide a comfortable stay dry feel and great absorbency

These liners provide an extra 200 ml of absorbency to your nappy and are sized 5.5 x 14″